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Is That What You Call a Getaway?

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Here lies my brain.
(my face)

Feb 3 '13

I literally need to stop being so addicted to this website but honestly, Tumblr. You decide. How do I respond to this??

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  1. lloorren answered: seriously? what about text would make someone a man!?
  2. writer-type answered: This is a copy/paste thing that gets sent out a lot. I’ve seen it on Tumblr a few times.
  3. creepsandbigots answered: That’s a popular copy and paste message. I’ve gotten the same thing, from 5 different guys. Call him out on copying and pasting.
  4. teaandink answered: This is a copy-pasted message that almost everyone on this tag has received before.
  5. kels-not-chels said: Go into Queer theory and talk about how gender/sex can be very fluid and different. Talk about it as if your gender was an abstract concept and never reveal the answer.
  6. lastyearsghost posted this